About Us

It's all started when we realized how the students are struggling to contact the universities in the country they want to study. One has to collect the universities list from the country first, check if the required course is offered by the university and then send the email to clarify other matters. They have to send the email one by one to all shortlisted universities. This is a tedious process for busy students because they have to manually skim through the web to complete this task.

Now, gone are the old tough days! With our website, the international students can send as many enquiries as they want to all universities in the world in a single button click. You just need to select the country you want to study in and send your enquiries to all universities in the country absolutely for free!. You will get response from the universities as soon as possible. You save tons of your precious time for other important jobs!

We would appreciate if you do not use this service for spamming or advertising. Anyway, only approved enquiries will be sent to the universities. It will be of a great help if you do not eat our admin time to just delete your spam emails. We will be happy if you can send only genuine enquiries.

If you would like to add any missing universities, feel free to get in touch with us.