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The education in Australia is keenly observed by the federal government. A number of people from the whole world Migrate to Australia to study. In which the number of people from Asia is in majority. Australian Government came up with HESA, i.e. Higher Education Support Act 2003 under which the aim of all the universities and guidelines are decided. This depicts the important role of government in Australian education.

In terms of a university, there are a number of choices in Australia to choose from. Here is a list of Universities who were able to get a rank in ARWU’s list, i.e. Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Top five Universities of Australia –

  • University of Melbourne – University of Melbourne is situated in the state Victoria. It was established in 1853 and ranks 1st in the country. It was able to secure 54th rank in ARWU’s ranking.
  • The Australian National University – Situated in Canberra, this university was established in 1946. Ranks 2nd in the country and secured 66th position in world.
  • The University of Queensland – Situated in Queensland, Ranks 3rd in the country and secured 85th rank in ARWU’s ranking list.
  • The University of Western Australia – Ranks 4th nationally and 91 internationally. It is one of the oldest universities in Western Australia and a part of G08 institutions.
  • University of Sydney – the University of Sydney has begged the position 5th in the charts. It is 97th in the ARWU’s list.

        Other leading institutions –

              • Monash University – Situated in Victoria. Ranks among universities 101-150 in ARWU’s list
              • University of New South Wales –Situated in Sydney. Ranks among universities 101-150 in ARWU’s list
              • Macquarie University – Also situated in Sydney. Ranks among universities 201-300 in ARWU’s list
              • The University of Adelaide – Situated in South Australia. Consistently one of the top ten universities in the list. Ranks among universities 201-300 in ARWU’s list
              • Flinders University – Another University in top ten from South Australia. Ranks among universities 301-400 in ARWU’s list.

Among these choices of University, there is a group active known as Go8 group. Which stands for ‘Group of 8’, meaning a Coalition of eight Universities which are actively involved in research and professional education. The universities in Group of 8 are:-


      • Australian National University
      • Monash University
      • The University of Adelaide
      • The University of Melbourne
      • The University of New South Wales
      • The University of Queensland
      • The University of Sydney
      • The University of Western Australia

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Best universities in Australia

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